• Finally I have found the long lost instructions to run Airtime on the Raspberry Pi. I have uploaded it [censored] for you all to enjoy. Don't worry, the pdf is clean ;)
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    hi Dylan, please attach file in the forum post directly. Thanks
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    Good job Dylan !!!

  • I do have an alternative RockChip solution that does not need hobby building skills, hammers, nails, glue, duct tape, add-on boards, dolphins, angels or prayers. The hardware cost is less than a Pi II with all the add on stuff that you will certainly, finally need.

    These are recoded images for some mass produced Android (but now ported to Airtime-Ubuntu) Roku type media player 'thingies'.

    They come in an attractive box with power supply, cables and running Airtime 2.5.1 RC. Soon 2.52 if they ever sort their act out. :/

    No ulcers, heart attacks or divorces - although, we may be able to offer this as an optional extra service - ask for Big Gino for details.

    Plug it in and listen immediatly to emergency fallback music - right out of the box. Load up your program schedule and off you go.

    No need to panic over daylight savings bugs as these were predicted, reported and screamed loudly in these forums and a safe scheme solution posted, by me. All of this was all taken care of at our end.

    It is a pity that Airtime did not listen to their own forum support posts. We did not even get a blip on dozens of installations.
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  • A burnable image available under the same terms as Airtime's licence, which contains it's own source.

    If you use 100% the same hardware as us - it will work like ours. QED. It is quite hardware specific.

    If you do not have the same hardware as us and / or are not comfortable compiling your own packages from source, this is probably not for you.

    In some weeks, you may be able to buy 'airtime boxes' from us. They come by ship and we usually have forward-sold all of them by the time they arrive.

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  • Hi, i followed all the installation everything seems to be working well except for the last part. 
    i get htis error message

    ERROR: Invalid requirement: '/home/pi/airtime-airtime-2.5.1-ga/python_apps/python-virtualenv/airtim                    e_virtual_env.pybundle'
    It looks like a path. It does exist.

    any idea why?