Dark theme for my bad sight
  • Here is a dark theme I hacked to help me with my bad sight and it fit
    well with my mixxx theme http://demartinenchile.com/media/Dark_css.jpg
    Not perfect at all, need some more polish, but alright for my daily use.
    rename your /usr/share/airtime/public/css to something like
    /usr/share/airtime/public/css.bak and put my css folder there.
    3280 x 1050 - 573K
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  • thanks for the share! =) 
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    nice one!
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  • Bug Fix you need to do

    gedit /usr/share/airtime/public/css/redmond/jquery-ui-1.8.8.custom.css

    .ui-widget-content {
        border: 1px solid #5b5b5b;
        background: #000000 url(images/ui-bg_default_aaaaaa.png) repeat-x 0 0;
        /*color: #1c1c1c;*/
            color: #888888;   


    Reason:If you do use this customization and you go to the media folder dialog (System=>MediaFolders==>chose folder)

    you will not be able to see the folders to chose and have to hover over , therefore ,you need to change this to either a white to very light gray

    Look at  other dialog boxes to chose your color  like looking at add media folder

    Remember to clear cache to see the changes

    Possible color

    Just note

           #888888      rgb(136,136,136)   =====> the darkest works for me
          #909090      rgb(144,144,144)
          #989898      rgb(152,152,152)
          #A0A0A0      rgb(160,160,160)
          #A8A8A8      rgb(168,168,168)
          #B0B0B0      rgb(176,176,176)
          #B8B8B8      rgb(184,184,184)
          #C0C0C0      rgb(192,192,192)  =====> The Brightest work for me
          #C8C8C8      rgb(200,200,200)
          #D0D0D0      rgb(208,208,208)
          #D8D8D8      rgb(216,216,216)
          #E0E0E0      rgb(224,224,224)
          #E8E8E8      rgb(232,232,232)
          #F0F0F0      rgb(240,240,240)
          #F8F8F8      rgb(248,248,248)
          #FFFFFF      rgb(255,255,255)

     This have my vote
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