Raspberry Pi 2
  • Hey!

    The Raspberry Pi 2 is already here (I have two in my hands right now!), and this is 4 cores and 1Gb of ram. I would say that now it seems powerful enough to run Airtime. And it's just 30something dollars!

    Although I'll be testing this during the next week... How do you feel about this?
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  • This so Hottttttttttt!
    Gosh I have a project working on and it was limping because I was using the model b+ and ran in both the processing power and memory

    Gosh my days from airtime will be occupied and sweet

    17 to go
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  • It should be quite easy on that Pi2. These notes may save you some hours of fiddling. Just for info, I have managed to get Airtime 2.52RC1 running on 100$ tiny TV media player boxes on Xubuntu 14.04LTS. Xubuntu is simply Ubuntu with a very lightweight desktop GUI. I personally think this is a better way to go as it comes in a nice box, with a power supply, 14.04LTS already loaded, has all the cables needed (including a special one for re-flashing the NAND) and has a lot more resources. Installing Airtime 2.5.2RC1 is very easy on this box. Plug in a HDTV, USB keyboard, mouse and a LAN cable and off you go! It bootsinto Airtime playout in just a few seconds! I am surprised that there was not more interest in it.
    It has a quad-core Armh RK3288 processor, 4GB RAM, 16GB NAND storage and also SPIF sound output. I personally added a micro SD card for extra music storage, but that is optional.


    1. The Airtime PPA refers to a missing  /BIN/ARMH folder and the Airtime Installer complains about it. Ignore those warnings (it's not used anyway).
    2. In the Airtime streams settings page, on my box, I had to set the sound
      system to ALSA
      to avoid choppy sounding stream monitoring and audio
      previews. No other settings worked well.
    3. I had a few problems with sound quality on local playout which was fixed by simply using an ALSA Music Player :). Any players using GStreamer were very choppy - as was VLC.
    4. It runs two output streams and a local ALSA MP3 player with no problem at all. It runs three with some 'choppiness'. If I could allocate LiquidSoap instances to specific cores or if it managed that itself (this is the bottleneck), it could output more streams.
    5. Previously, I did manage to get AT 2.5.1 running perfectly on Xubuntu 12.04 LTS on dual-core boxes, but getting that working WELL was far more difficult and very fiddly. I needed to upgrade LiquidSoap, a whole bunch of other stuff and install Airtime & it's dependencies manually.
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  • I mean they're neat and all but $50 buys a decent cloud server for over half a year... with 100mbps+ connectivity included  :-B
  • I am installing 8 at a time in a single location and am not streaming out to the world. Over 2 years there are huge savings to be made. Also, if the web goes down - the boxes don't care.
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  • What's the point of installing Airtime in that type of scenario then? Madness!!
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  • This handy reference chart may help Roger. ;).

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  • I mean they're neat and all but $50 buys a decent cloud server for over half a year... with 100mbps+ connectivity included  :-B

    I even already have a big dedicated server hosted in a datacenter, but:

    - We have an office ;)
    - We have a real live studio where all people do their shows (we have two, in fact)
    - We store a big number of older shows and music
    - We also broadcast via FM

    So it makes more sense having Airtime locally, makes easier and faster upload and download of shows, the FM equipment is near the internet broadcast so we don't have to make any weird connections. I do, anyway, have an icecast server on my dedicated server, where I rebroadcast.
  • Makes way more sense to use a decent low-spec laptop from a reputable mfgr/brand. Then you have a built-in UPS, among other niceties. That $35 soon swells to $200+ by the time you finish adding all the necessary accessories to make it a little more road ready, yeah?
  • Small & cheap can be beautiful. On our ARMH project, we are going in the opposite direction, it's now so cheap, we are taking airtime right into dozens of live audience venues, each with hundreds of captive listeners, and coupling them up to PA systems. We are doing tailored, targeted shows/venue/time of day, remote airtime admin, customised message & advert programming and have totally automated the mp3 file distribution, media syncronise and import.
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  • That is one reason my ARMH machines come to me in a pretty protective casing.
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