Newscoop Support channel! - closed!
  • Hello everyone,

    to all of you, who are using Newscoop and have some issues with it, please don't hesitate and join our newly created Newscoop Support channel hosted using Hipchat, to get help directly from Newscoop developers.

    You can join it by clicking this link: and then providing your nickname.

    It works like IRC.

    The Newscoop Support channel will be closed down on November 30, 2015. Please use this forum for further technical, Newscoop related questions.

    All the best
    Post edited by Rafał Muszyński at 2015-11-24 06:20:06
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  • This is great!

    Rafal helped me upgrade to 4.3.  Thank you Rafal!

    HipChat is good :-)

    Now over to transifex....hehe :-)
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  • This is a greatest life saver!