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  • Hey - I've looked at airtime pro, but it's quite expensive for the little amount of disk space you get. 

    I am looking for a company who can install airtime for me and host it, any suggestions? 
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  • Hi,

    How much disk space would you expect?
    Do you need some customized stuff in addition?

    Etheractis - Digital Online Media
  • I currently have a special rate vps for 20.00 or 30 per year (dont remember exactly)

    it runs airtime and a wordpress install no major issues the company is 

    if you want to browse it via my affiliate link use this link 
    I have the package with 1tb bandwidth 1gb ram and 30gb storage it works for our smaller station the uplink is only 100Mbs  so I'd imagine if we get more listeners we may cap out. hope this helps 
    you could probably use their deal maker link to get a similar price

    edit 2 oops sorry didn't read you wanted it installed as well, this company is for self managed boxes, sorry
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