Any ideas? Odd things when stress testing Airtime/Icecast
  • I ran the Icecast stress test on a dedicated Ubuntu 12.04 server with a gigabit switch.

    In Airtime, the listener's count graph rises until 255 listeners and flatlines at 255. However, status.xml shows like 333 and rising..
    I can do this on three streams at the same time - they all flatline at 255 - showing a total of 765
    Meanwhile the status.xml continues to rise until about (???) 1024 listeners when no further connections can be made - any connected players continue to play.
    Max connections in icecast is set to 14,000
    Anybody got any ideas as to where to look for these limits? I have been seeking everywhere and it all looks sensible?

    No longer using Airtime or Libretime.
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  • Guessing you followed that guide I posted in another thread? Which version of Icecast are you attempting to use? What's up with your RAM and CPU usage? Why not use Debian btw? :)
  • RAM @ 11% CPU @ 19%
    Virtual memory used = 0
    It must be some connection limit somewhere - probably the same in Debian
    Icecast 2.3.2
    16GB RAM. Quad Core utter bastard warp-factor 6 processor. Phasors on stun.

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  • This seems the same thing. MBUFS limit reached? I am on the recommended Ubuntu 12.04.
    The solution seems to be recompiling the kernel with a higher value. But I would expect to find many folks screaming about this and icecast.
    One guy switched to Shoutcast and managed to get nearly twice as many connections without other changes.

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  • Not all gigE switches are created equal. Some can't even handle hundreds let alone thousands of concurrents. Give it a try on a cloud server with true 1 or 10gbps connectivity. And for dogs sake, use Wheezy. Icecast 2.4 was backported. Good luck!