Upgrading from 1.6 to 2.0?
  • Will it be possible to upgrade an existing 1.6 installation to a 2.0 version?  And when do you plan on releasing the 2.0 version?  I ask because I would like to get started as soon as possible with my own installation and invite others to start working.  So I wondered if I should start with 1.6, or wait for 2.0?
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    Upgrade should be possible if you are running a 1.6.x version. As for which version to install now, if you want to start publishing books in the next month or so, I would suggest you go with 1.6.1. If you are more interested in the future development of Booktype then I would suggest starting with a 2.0 snapshot. What platform is your server running?
  • Hello Daniel

    Live server is Ubuntu Server 14.04 x64, virtualmin virtualservers, so I will need to test some more, and probably ask some more questions and get some help (grin) before I am able to run any version of Booktype in that environment.  Don't know if anyone here have tested installing it in virtualmin created virtual servers?

    Are you indicating that it will take more than 1 - 2 months from now (even longer) before 2.0 is ready? If current version 2.0 is able to produce at least PDF books, and all needed functionality for writing the books, using pictures, creating groups, groups and books permissions and assigning books to groups...if this is ready now then I think I will go for installing 2.0 from the start.

    What parts of 2.0 are not finished?  Is there some critical functionality still missing (or not ready), or what?
  • After some consideration I have concluded that I will go for getting a production installation of 1.6.1.  Looks like there is still too many things that need be done in 2.0.

    I will open a new discussion on the earlier reported install errors with 1.6
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