Import in Booktype v2
  • Hello, 

    I've been looking at using version 2.0 of Booktype as the core for a project I am working on but have run into problems with the importing of ebooks. Looking through the source I was unable to find were the import process would be initiated from the ui. The account dashboard has a button to display a dialog but the dialog isn't imported in the page. At this point I'm unsure if this is functionality that hasn't been implemented in the latest version yet or if I'm just missing something. 

    Any help would be appreciated. 

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  • Hi Kyle!

    You are correct, that feature is missing in the interface at the moment. Part of the backend code is already there and we have implemented it fully in our custom project. We just need to back port it back into Booktype 2.0.

    There is management command for it "./ bookimport" which can import EPUB. It does not do many things Import is supposed and it might fail for many cases at the moment.

  • Thank you for your response. Is there an estimated release date for booktype 2.0 currently?
  • Hi Kyle,

    we are finishing some missing features (like proper publish, export, ...) and fixing bugs for the next month or so. After that we will pass it to our QA department. Depends how much time it will take them but it would be fair to assume we will release it in something like 2-3 months.