Issues with Screen PDF
  • Hello all,
    When publishing a screen PDF I have come across two issues that I cannot solve:
    - Page numbers in the PDF index are incorrect, so clicking on a chapter title leads to a different chapter. How to fix this?
    - How to eliminate the blank pages and the page with title/copyright info at the beginning?
    - I tried to create my own table of contents, using a list of chapters and then linking to those chapters. However, chapter linking does not work in downloaded PDFs (error: "unable to open external link") How to fix this?
    Many thanks in advance

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  • Hi!

    I am late to the party but still worth to get an answer. There are two PDF renderers and I assume you used the first one (Book PDF and not beta renderer). To be honest, I am not sure what could be the reason for chapter title leading to the wrong chapter.

    When it comes to other things. You can not eliminate title/copyright info pages and it is always fixed that new chapter starts on the even page. Creating your own Table Of Contents wouldn't work because the hard coded one will always show up. But Booktype 2.0 will have brand new PDF renderer and some of these things (like turning off front matter and table of contents) does sound like a good addition for it.

  • Is there any further word on when these things will be customizable? We have many small sections that do NOT need their own page. I've tried putting them all into the same chapter, and it seems like any kind of header (h2 or larger) still creates a page break. Also, my attempted workaround completely blows up the Table of Contents creation. It would be really nice if there were a check box for starting a new page with each chapter. It makes sense that each SECTION needs a new page, but the chapters, at least for us, are often very short.
  • Hi Kate!

    At the moment we are working on brand new publishing engine. Version you are referring  to parser content to find <h1> and <h2> (Header and subheader) elements. Newer version looks at the defined Table Of Contents. So you would have to wait for the newer version to get the things you mentioned here.