Error when trying to install Liveblog
  • Following all the steps in the installation manual I end up getting an error when issuing this command:

    sudo '/opt/python32/bin/python3.2' '/opt/ally-py/distribution/' -dump

    It returns the following message:

    Corrupted or missing ally component, make sure that this component is not missing from python path or components eggs

    I can't find the problem and at this point my installation is stuck. Anyone knows what to do?
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  • When I try to compile it using the command sudo python3 -dump the installation continues, but the file that is being created is empty (and hence I cannot change the server to as is specified in the next step of the installation manual.
  • Hi Jelle,

    Looks like the installation is not correct.
    In order to investigate the issue you have to go on your install location on ally-py/live-blog directory.
    Here there are the following directories:
    - components
    - libraries
    - plugins
    Please send me the list of files(linux command: ls -la) contained by above directories.

    Have a good day,
    Ioan v. Pocol