flexible block timing and smart blocks based on paths
  • Hi,

    First of all, thanks to Airtime developers for great work. Now, to the point :)

    There are two main functionalities I lack in Airtime.

    First one are flexible block timings. This is real situation: I have three consequent blocks of 2h, controlled by three different DJs. Now, those guys prepare their shows (recording turntable mixing), export it to mp3, upload to airtime as one long track, and fill their block. The problem is that there is no way they can make their mixes exactly 2h (they are always a few minutes longer, or shorter). If they are shorter, there is silence at the end of the block. If they are longer, their mix gets cut. Is there a way to make this more flexible?

    Second functionality I lack is smart block based on file path. I managed to achieve this by hacking ls_script.liq (random tracks on silence), but this creates new problems: API does not show information which ruins frontend web site, and random tracks kick in instead of silence if there is some silence at the end of the block, before starting next one.

    Any suggestion about how to achieve more flexible block timings and smart blocks based on file paths would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.
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    Hi Pacija, show boundaries are meant to have strict timing, it is the responsibility of the DJ to make their show content the correct length. Otherwise the second DJ might not be happy about having to start early or late. Content which over-runs should be faded automatically by Airtime.

    The easiest way to make this more flexible is to have a six hour show to which all three DJs can upload content. But someone still has to take responsibility for the show running to time. A practical way to help is to have a selection of station idents and jingles available which can be used to pad out too-short shows.

    You are right that a Liquidsoap hack will not be reflected in the show content API, because this content is not being scheduled by Airtime itself. A workaround for this is to change the Off Air Metadata message to something more useful in Settings -> Streams.