fix of corrupted schedule directly on database
  • Hi,

    I got the "Empty Shows" error, I previously had problems setting timezone on server, previously too, on a different server setup I had the "Two Shows at once" problem.

    I knew it should be a corrupted data problem, so I decided to manually fix it.

    I browsed the tables and identified show, show_days, show_instances and schedule as the ones that contained pertinent data, I deleted corrupted, old and future data.

    I updated next_pop_date to one week after the last scheduled date, in pref table setted shows_populated_until, to the time the last show sheduled ends.

    I asumed that future shows would be automagically filled when I browsed the data trough the web scheduler, as all the shows are linked.

    I modified one of the shows, and it filled future instances with some problems, besides I don't want to repeat this process for each show, so...

    Did I miss a setting I should change?

    Is there a way I can trigger filling of future shows?

    How much time ahead does a linked show create instances when created/modified?

    I thought of browsing through source code, but I think I can get faster response here.

    Best regards,

    Jorge Hojyo.

    [UPDATE 2014.11.09]

    Data still contained errors in some dates, show durations, there were some"holes", missing complete shows data. So I did my best to correct and complete the data for two weeks in the database, the scheduer showed correctly. At this point I backed up the database.

    I browsed to future weeks and in some point it filled the calendar with empty shows. It's not clear to me when.

    I restored the database backup and tried to spot the differences to figure out what attributes the code uses to calculate new show instances.

    I noticed that to trigger show scheduler and filler I had to browse to a date father in the future. So I guess shows_populated_until is not used in this rutine.

    I browsed some of the routines in php that relate to scheduling of shows and found nothing.

    Somewhere I saw comments suggesting cache could be interfering with proper updating. so I deleted browser's cookies, I got no difference in results.

    I getting frustrated.

    Is there documentation with the kind of info I'm looking for?

    Best regards,

    Jorge Hojyo.

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