Sort files by name, or by filepath ?
  • Hello, 
    I would like to sort files by file name then I can add them to the show timeline easily, 
    I'm not familiar with ZEND and I failed to do this.
    is there anyway to add the (File Name) to the columns so files can be sorted also with file names.
    I have seen that when I click on the Scheduled  right click the information included the file path and this mean that's possible to add the the file path column or the file name to the library table or to the ShowBuilder table 
    Thank You
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  • That's Good !!
    I just make it after I tried a lot, and I hope this simple code will be added in the next version 
    this modification will be in just one javascript file 


    "aoColumns": [      line 475
    and add an element to the (aoColumns) array

     /* File Path*/  { "sTitle" : $.i18n._("File Path")          , "mDataProp" : "filepath"         , "bVisible"    : false                 , "sClass"      : "library_mime"          , "sWidth" : "120px"         }

    you may just change the sWdith 
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