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  • Hi, I am a new user of booktype pro, trying to set up a booksprint.  I'm very confused.

    I have created a book and a group and have also (I think) set up a new person using their email address, but I can't see how to manage people beyond that.  I'm assuming that none of the people who will be involved have registered as booktype users yet.

    How do I associate a person with a group? Do I create them in my dashboard then invite them to register and then wait for them to respond?  How will the cloud system know they are my users?

    Are all the "people" listed on my dashboard "my" users (i.e. on my
    account)? If so, that would mean other people couldn't edit my book,
    which is not how booktype is set up, as it is by default open to anyone
    to edit my book!

    Also (as I am limited to 10 users), how do I remove a user in order to reuse the seat?

    Grateful for any pointers!



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    Hi Daphne,

    If you are the admin of the instance, you have access to a Control Centre which allows you to create new accounts, for example if your server was called 'daphne' the URL would be:

    For now, users have to click to join a group via the Groups page on the main menu. I don't know of a way to add a new user directly to a group, but I will open a feature ticket for that, it's a good idea.

    The users you can see on your Dashboard are specific to your Booktype instance. To set the people that can edit your book, go to the 'Settings' tab of the edit interface for that book, and choose the appropriate option on the 'Permissions and visibility' menu.

    Then click the 'Manage roles' button to set specific users as admins or editors for that book.

    I do not know a way to delete users from the Control Centre, but I will open a ticket for that. In the meantime, if you run into the user limit, please open a Booktype Pro support ticket and we will delete users for you, or upgrade your user limit.

    There is more detail on these topics available in the user manual - please let me know if you have further questions.


  • Thanks Daniel, That's really helpful.