Newscoop + memcached || APC || Xcache || Varnish - anybody?
  • Hi folks, 

    Since we started running pretty busy news site based on Newscoop 4.2.3, I'm not quite satisfied with the site performance and I'm not able to speed it up with any of the following solutions. 

    when watching memcached (memcached -vv)  I don't see any connections at all from newscoop. 
    Even though APC is installed and working properly  - newscoop does not recognize it and I'm unabe to set it in system prefs.
    When i switch to Xcache, same thing,  no improvements at all.

    So from fellow admins,  can you share your experiences how did you manage to make NC 4.2.3 faster?

    Oh, the box is dedicated server Ubuntu 14.04 with 32GB RAM (hardly 3-4 gigs used ever) and  Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz   
    so, there is plenty of power for running it.

    It bothers me that  ab -kc 1000 -n 10000     takes  more than 250 seconds. 
    Load goes to heaven (OK, not heaven, but solid 10), memory usage goes to 3-4 G and that's it ...

    Apache 2.4 is stripped completely, it uses mpm-event   worker with PHP  as FastCgi  (I've tried PHP-FPM) combination with no luck in site performance. 

    So,  any ideas how to make beast run faster? :P 

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    there two cache level that could be used to speed up newscoop site.

    1. The content caching on newscoop side. It's based on smarty cache implementations. See details.
    2. The front proxy server caching for non-logged users. Newscoop defines NO_CACHE cookie if user is logged (front/back sides). It's enough to enable caching on a proxy server (nginx, varnish) only for non-logged in users. The cache TTL could be defined for 3-5 mins.

  • hi Andrew,  thanks for your reply. 
    Actually I've managed to run sucessfully Newscoop 4.2.3  with Varnish in front,  things are somewhat messy (sometimes on frontpage I see pages with bullets (for admin editing) when I'm not logged in at all.  But more or less it works great. 

    /admin section is ignored by Varnish per default.vcl  configuration, so varnish does not interfere with newscoop, yet It works somehow strange,  random logouts  and such things.