Multiple Alias with different themes.
  • Is it possible to have say as your main alias with its own theme and then.....

    another alias with its own theme serving the same content from the same publication. 

    I've managed to get it to serve the same content but the second alias inherits the theme assigned to the publication.

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
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  • Hi Jarrett,

    it wont be possible because you can set themes only for publications, you can try editing your templates and manually configure it..
  • Cheers Rafal
  • You can set a different publication in the themes. Put {{ set_publication identifier="1" }} before the article list in the template. 
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    @Sebastian Olsson - good trick! That should work.
  • @Sebastian Olsson i've tried that but it gives me all list articles regardless of what section the articles are in. Is there a way to set the section to the publication that is set??
  • @Jarret i managed to work this by cloning the section structure in the second publication, only then set_publication trick worked. Maybe there is a easier and more logical solution, but that worked for me. I have and as two different publications, with different themes, both using articles from
  • I, I have destroyed my topics list. Any idea to get it back?