Can't schedule a show to be recorded and rebroadcast
  • We have a problem with a reinstall of Airtime 2.5.1 on our production server that prevents rebroadcast shows from being created. We can enter recorded shows in the calendar, but not a record and rebroadcast show. Similarly, when adding the rebroadcast option to an existing recorded show, the rebroadcast show does not appear in the calendar.

    Also, when attempting to add a rebroadcast show (either by entering a new show or editing an existing one) the [+Show] icon disappears from the calendar view and only returns after refreshing the browser.

    It looks like the same bug as this one:

    Any help appreciated!

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  • I've just purged Airtime 2.5.1 from a backup machine and reinstalled it. The problem exists in the new install too.