Breaking full_text into two or more parts
  • Hello, 

    so I want to break full text of an article into two or more parts. I know that there is option to do that with subheads, but that is not what I need, as it creates pagination for the article. Which I don't want.

    I want to output articles text and put something in the middle of the text (eg. related articles or a text box or something like that) and not have pagination. 

    Is there a way to do something like that? Kind of like shortcodes in Wordpress. 

    Thanks in advance. 
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  • Ok, sorry guys,

    I've been searching for this for two days, and of course after writing question here I found answer to this 5 minutes later... of course.

    Anyway... If someone else is looking for the same thing you can find the answer here (by Ljuba Ranković) :