Enabling remote access in 2.5.1
  • How do you configure remote access in Airtime 2.5.1? we have a new install and the LAN ip address works after adding an security exception certificate, but the external ip address resolves to https://localhost/login

    Any help appreciated
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  • I think this is the answer you need


    basically what has change in 2.5.1 is that your airtime now uses https instead of http.
    • so if you have a firewall you.you need allow port 80 and 443
    • you need to configure the sites-available in your apache conf. if you have other sites on your server (document root var/www

    here is a sample if you are pulling information from the api as schedule (whose document root is /var/www/schedule

    <VirtualHost *:80>
       ServerName http://yourhost
       DocumentRoot /var/www/
       #If you have a local server and a different directory
       #ServerName localhost
      # DocumentRoot /var/www/schedule/


    That suppose to be it


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