How to publicly show when a live stream is happening?
  • Our station has people who like to know if there is a live broadcast versus scheduled. I've not really dabbled with the code or API yet (Daniel, we spoke about this last year at Mozfest). Any pointers how to either send this info to the API and/or a way to show it on the icecast status page?
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  • Hello! Standard text will do, yeah? Why not put your regularly scheduled shows in a dedicated text box on your website? For random one offs, a banner notice at the top with an (x) to disable -- like the ones that point folks to App Store apps -- solves your problem without adding more complexity to the Airtime code. >:D<
  • I just put ***LIVE***' at the front of the show title.

    No longer using Airtime or Libretime.
  • We have a different scenario. I am not talking about a planned live show. Our station is free form; we have our scheduled content, but we also allow people to jump in on another source stream for a live broadcast, superseding the programmed show.

    The Airtime dashboard has the indicator that lights up this as the Master Source, I have been hoping to have a way of that triggering a signal we can use outside of the station.
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    Hi Alan,

    The file shows the information available via the current API. Possibly you can use something like notify_webstream_data for your purposes.