• I always log in to Airtime with Chrome, and it seems Airtime never keeps my session. It's very annoying to have to keep typing in my email and password. No, I haven't closed my browser even.  For some odd reason the sessions keep timing out. 

    Is there some way to make the admin interfac stop dropping sessions like that? I suppose I could go digging around in the PHP source and Apache and .htaccess, but maybe someone has a quick answer without requiring hours of spelunking through code and config. 

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  • Wow,You Airtime is working perfectly well!

    I thing you are referring to Username and Password instead of Email and password

    If You have then you are using https which will not hold your session once you close the tab even if you have not close the browser.

    Also for security reason you should no like to have your web base application open when you are finish you want the session.In fact its best you have even a screen lock so that after x -minutes its activated

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