Multiple airtime instances same server (multi-tenancy mode)
  • I see the following commit at github ( that hints at a multi-tenancy mode. Is this a thing? How can i run multiple airtime servers on a single host?

    This would be a *huge* cost savings for me.
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  • Hi,
    You can install each airtime server in a virtual host on the same server + 1 shared install of icecast for all airtimes for instance.
    Have a look to, it works fine with Airtime.
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  • Ok thanks. While that is a solution, was sort of hoping the following comment was leading to easier integration within the same httpd instance . 

        /** It is essential to do this before interacting with Zend_Auth otherwise sessions could be shared between
    * different copies of Airtime on the same webserver. This essentially pins this session to:
    * - The server hostname - including subdomain so we segment multiple Airtime installs on different subdomains
    * - The remote IP of the browser - to help prevent session hijacking
    * - The client ID - same reason as server hostname
    * param Zend_Auth $auth Get this with Zend_Auth::getInstance().

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  • Don't know about what you intend to do... I can just deal about what I have tested and know it works well for a long time...

    Having a couple of virtual hosts will make your setup more reliable, especially a distinctive icecast instance. It's the only IP that is visible to attack for your listeners.
    Airtime instances don't need much ressources, just disk space depending on your playlists. You have total control on these hosts. On the other hand, icecast server ressources depends on how many listeners are connected. You don't have control on this.

    Keep it simple and scalable...

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  • Hello! Why on earth are you attempting to stack several Airtime instances on the same server, friend? Hopefully you don't intend to resell! Please, as others have suggested -- go virtual. Or better yet, check yo self! :-j
  • Affirmative.

    Icecast is by essence designed to support an unlimited number of streams. Limits depend on how many listeners are connected, codecs loads, and bandwidth you can afford for your server.
    CPU and RAM are not really a concern except if you expect 1000s of listeners at peak time.

    Within one instance of Airtime, you can settle up to three streams using different codecs but the same radio program, which make 3 streams relayed by the same icecast server. On Icecast's point of view, they are 3 different streams and they can be issued by the same source or separate servers. This doesn't matter as long as each source provides correct credentials to be connected and relayed.

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