Tunneling Airtime over ssh
  • We have a production machine accessible via a remote IP address, but I have previously connected to our backup/test machine by tunnelling port 80 to 8080. I then connect to this backup airtime instance by pointing my browser to http://localhost:8080

    Since upgrading to 2.5.1, I cant access the airtime backup machine this way - is there a config file I can change somewhere to reinstate this behaviour?

    many thanks

    James Dunn
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  • Hello! Why are you trying to hit port 8080? Airtime defaults everything to 80 or maybe 443 if you have one of the most recent HTTPS security builds of 2.5.1-x
  • Our production server is running on port 80 so I can't use that port. I can't open another port as it's a managed network. I have ssh access to both the production machine and the backup/testing machine and I used to access the Airtime UI on the back up machine by tunneling port 80 on the backup machine to localhost on my laptop. Seems this is no longer possible with the latest version which also use port 443 (a privileged port).

    Any other workarounds?
  • The best way is to reconfigure airtime to run on port 8080, I have done this.

    1. Change base_port = 80 to base_port = 8080 in /etc/airtime/api_client.cfg and /etc/airtime/airtime.conf.

    2. Change /etc/apache2/site-enabled/airtime-vhost.conf to *:8080

    3. Reload apache