Use one Live Blog install on several domains
  • We have 6 newspapers (in 6 different domains ofcourse) and they are using the same layout so I was hoping we could use the same Live Blog install on all 6, but it's connected to a single domain. Is it possible to work around this so all 6 newspapers can use the same Live Blog install (understanding it would be the same admin gui ofcourse)?

    The alternative as I see it is running 6 instances of a VM with the same Live Blog code but that doesn't seem like the cheapest solution.
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  • Hi,
    you can do it in different ways, for example:
    1) deploy liveblog to the server and next just assign few different domain names to that server,
    2) on some frontend server (or on each of 6 servers, if all the newspapers are hosted on a separate server), u can proxify data from the one server where liveblog is deployed.
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  • Sounds like a plan! I'll try that. Thanks!