Translating to Norwegian
  • I'd like to make a Norwegian edition of our Live Blog install. Not the admin part, that's not important but the embed part. What's the easiest way to do this? Is it by modifying the theme?
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  • Again, just as a head's upInternationalization management is not yet implemented, we will implement this feature in the near feature.
    But we support internationalization overall.What this means, we have gettext internationalization strings into (dust) templates and also into javascript files witch are parsed by the python engine into a more common used po files.
    To download a po file which is related to liveblog you will need to access this file:http://{SERVER_NAME}/resources/Admin/Plugin/livedesk_embed/PO/{LANGUAGE_CODE}
    And edit that po file with a po editor and then upload it back again to the same url with POST: source po file.
    for ease of this process there is a minimal process on this page.
    Download file and upload it again.
    And after that, because a stupid IE bug you will need to remake the json internationalization by accessing this url: http://{SERVER_NAME}/resources/Admin/Plugin/livedesk_embed/JSONLocale/{LANGUAGE_CODE}?version={INCREASE_VERSION_IF_CACHED}
    But wait that is not all, for Norwegian language to be accessible in admin area you will need to add the language like thisa) For a fresh installadding 'no' Language Code to line 43,
    b) For a already installed instance make a ajax request:{        type: 'POST',        url: 'http://{SERVER_NAME}/resources/Localization/Language/',        data: {            Code: '{LANGUAGE_CODE}'        }}or with Postman request POST to http://{SERVER_NAME}/resources/Localization/Language/   Code {LANGUAGE_CODE}
  • I think I'm on the right track here. I downloaded the PO file and used POEdit to translate all the texts, but I'm not able to upload it again trough a POST request :( I'm just getting a "method denied" (-ish) reply from the server. Should I use a simple POST or some authentication? Live Blog is hosted at Google Compute Engine for the moment so that might complicate things a bit I guess. I haven't setup ftp access yet, maybe that could help?

    It's getting kinda obvious I need to get my hands on a linux-guru :)