ADS in Radio
  • I found this for add ads spots to stream

    Is any another idea for add ads to audition . ?. I try find something close to ZaraRadio where zara mute satellites (sound input)  and start play spots or jingle 
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    You are comparing two different things

    Here is my opinion

    My last post at this link here has a mock up of a sample diagram of how all the parts come together.

    You can also look here for further reference

    so you see that airtime is like you install on a machine ,located some place on the building or remotely and your studio can connect to it in a similar manner your DJ/Host in remote land can and run a radio station.

    You can customize or modify Airtime to suit as a desktop play out. but its main function is "Set it and Forget it"

    Zaro is a local playout and in order to use the satellite output you need to have two sound cards or Virtual Audio software

    Previously I used two bash script to do the similar thing on my playout

    1. Script A would bring soundcard [0] default to zero and put soundcard [1] to 100 -At Start
    2. Script B would bring soundcard [1] to zero and put soundcard [0 ]default to 100 - At End

    cronjob set for the timed events

    Using Alsa amixer (they say it can be done also with pulse).

    This is redundant to Airtime and if you search the forum for my post on Airtime line input ,You can find something to work with.

    The info from the wiki you post above was written for a silence in airtime ,you will get a better understanding of that wiki ,if you look here in the hack section


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