Helios Creed - Chrome Interview Exclusive ! looking to air on any radio stations as well as our own
  • Hello,

    We are a Berlin based Station (Radio-On-Berlin.com) and recently made a 59 mins interview with Helios Creed from Chrome, a few days ago / and wonder if you might be able to air it or know any stations who would play it out, soon as - its pretty exclusive !

    details below and if interested i can send you the file via wetransfer - 

    the text for the program is below:
    all the best
    Adrian Shephard

    'How Many Years Too Soon'
    An interview by Adrian Shephard with the legendary Helios Creed and Lou Minatti from the Seminal band Chrome, on the eve of their 2014 European tour and new album release 'Feel it like a Scientist'.

    With exclusive tracks from the new album and…UFO's, William Burroughs, Prophecies, Butthole Surfers, Kurt Cobain, Psychics, Led Zeppelin, Genesis P Orridge, Amphetamine Reptile, The Residents, LSD, Haunted Studios, ST37, Philip K Dick and Ghosthunting in the Californian sun…

    www.radio-on-berlin.com production