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Malformed Audio Files and Non-Functional Webstream Will Crash Airtime ( A Bug)
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    Non- Function Web stream that will prevent your system from connecting to  Icecast

    Symptoms  : System appear silent (if you have an intro and backup file in Icecast you will hear that,it only playing)

    Version Airtime : 2.5.1 

    Key Things To Note :
    1. All Status Check will report Successful and OK.
    2. Reboot or Restart will not restore System
    3. The effect will not be known until the schedule for either that Audio or Webstream is set to play or picked up by LS.
    4. Your system will not go to any fallback or AutoDj even if you have a Mod LS.
    5. Your Icecast status will not show any mount point

    Troubleshooting : If you use any of the steps to troubleshoot your system will show all ok (even stream tab will show connected)
                                 Looking at log level 6 will show request queue 4 empty

    Reproduce     :
    If you have any webstream in the library that has become non-functional  the whole system will lockup and go silent

                            just set up a local webstream on another server http://localhost:port/listen then shut down that machine and you whole system will just
                            go dead
                           or just block the port on your firewall for any stream you have in your library

    How discover: had  a webstream to start at 12 oclock.The provider no longer stream on that port and my system would just play the backup Icecast backup file

    Solution    :  Temporary solution is to remove the offending stream

    Status     : Critical ,It had me search my whole system for intrusion etc.

    Please note I will put this in the bug tracker when I get home and do further test.


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