Some annoying stuff in Airtime
  • Some things are really missing which in my view had to be there since Airtime is out. I just read some answers on my previous posts but they weren't really answering or at least treating those problems as feedbacks from users.

    Here are some notes I took previously when using Airtime and today when I decided to update my radio they raise up again:

    1.) Scheduled programs can only start after the current time. By example that means; if the current time is 16:36 and I want the program to be everyday from 12:00 to 19:00, there is no way to start it today. (Solution: Start a singular/non-repeating program after 16:37 for that day)

    2.) Folders can't be treated or selected as playlists.
    a.) Playlists are literally pre-configured playlists. There is no way to randomize the order for each day. Shortly; "use this folders contents as source of the show/program, play them between those hours in random order each day". Not possible.

    3.) If the scheduled programs consists of songs, where the previous program ends and the next program starts the last song of the previous program is being cut at the time the new program starts(in the given scheduled time), which will sound normal for some of you. But liquidsoap was allowing the last programs last song to finish, even if the next programs scheduled time has come. 

    That's all for now.
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  • 1. Your point #3 would screw me up.. I cannot have the news or station ID played late or a live feed delayed just because of a fluffy song. It works fine for me as it is.

    2 & 3 seem fair enough to me :)

    No longer using Airtime or Libretime.