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  • Hi All,

    I have downloaded and installed BroadcastMyself for android and configured the live streaming to Airtime. The stream at http://myipaddress:8001/stream works fine when I tune into it using VLC player. So The live feed id definitely coming in and is available at my airtime instance.

    The parameters on Airtime's input stream settings are as per attached screenshot. One thing I noticed is that the master source url is not auto populating and I am not sure what the syntax is for that slot and what address goes in there seeing that my source is a phone. 
    With this configuration, Airtime is not able to detect this as a master source automatically or manually. I need help on what the problem could be.



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    regarding the screenshot, there is something missing.
    choose a name for mountpoints and choose ports.
    mastersource mount point: master
    showsource mount point: show
    mastersource port: 8004
    showsource port: 8005

    then you should be fine
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  • Hi Hoerich,

    Many thanks for this. I was putting in a port configured in icecast and it was always complaining that the port was not available. So I put in a port not used in icecast into the mastersource port and also put in the mount point. Now it works just great.

    Many thanks

  • I recently brought the BroadcastMySelf/Pro app from Google Play. It used to work smooth when my Google Pixel was on Android 7.1. However upon updating to Android 8.1 the app is simply crashing on the startup. Any idea how to fix it, hoerich? 

    Ronny Sharma
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