Introducing SEO solution for Live Blog
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    On April 24, Sourcefabric released Live Blog 2.0 beta. With this release, we provide a solution for ensuring that blog content is indexable by search engines.

    We have implemented the following technical changes to Live Blog to achieve the server side HTML generation and to make blog content indexable by search engines:
    • The embedding of Live Blog has been refactored with Backbone.js to make it compatible with Node.js for server-side HTML generation.
    • The static HTML of the blog content is generated using Node.js on the server.
    • Backend API services have been built to make this generated HTML accessible to the user’s CMS.
    • A new section has been added to the blog configuration to allow users to configure a) the number of posts initially contained in the HTML generated on the server, and b) the refresh rate for HTML on the server.

    How to integrate Live Blog in your CMS

    The user’s CMS can request the following data from the Live Blog REST API:
    • HTML for any given blog
    • the time when that blog was last updated
    • the time when the server-side HTML was last generated

    There are two ways of integrating with the Live Blog REST API:
    1. The CMS can make regular requests to the Live Blog API to retrieve the latest version of the HTML content.
    2. In the Live Blog admin interface, the user can specify an optional callback URL. If this URL is specified, it will be called every time there’s an update to the HTML of the blog.

    Once the HTML has been requested from the Live Blog API, it has to be included in an article page in the CMS at the desired position.

    The HTML for each blog can be retrieved from a URL that is structured as follows:

    Users will be able to copy this URL for each blog from the backend interface of Live Blog.

    For more details, see Sebastian's blog post on the Live Blog 2.0 beta release.

    As always, we're grateful for any feedback you have. Post comments and questions here or, if you need help with the install or want us to provide you with a demo instance, get in touch at
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