How to handle different timezones?
  • Hey community,

    i'm thinking about, how to handle the difference between two timezones. I life in Paraguay, but my mainfocus is at Germany. Ok, but there are many german people in Paraguay too. So, there is a time-difference of 4 hours in the summer, 6 hours in the winter. Paraguay is allways earlier.

    Ok, i have my Stream(s). I organice that from Paraguay. So here it's 6 am (like morningshow), but in Germany it's 10 or 12 ... (mornigshow at 12 o'clock? Confusing...) So, do anybody see a possibillity, that i can send my streams "timeshuffeld"? (Is "delay" a better word?) So i would organice my shows for german time, "save/backup/whatever" it and 4 or 6 hours later i would give it for a "paraguay-stream".

    If there is no solution, i have to make my shows very universal - this is not perfect, but i could handle it, when i say goodbye to some things. (For example Chillout-Time. In Germany starts at 10 pm and goes untill maybe 5 am, but then in Paraguay it's 16 pm untill 11 pm. And then starting with a morningshow? At 11 pm in Paraguay? You see and understand what i mean, i think.)

    But when i make it universal, the minimum is, to show both timezones at my website. So i have to tune up my "shows"-widget from airtime. You know what i mean? These widgets, developed from sourcefabric. Would be great, if i could show both timezones in one calender.

    But also when i think about, it's not really the optimum. The better way would be, to "save/backup/store/whatever" my stream and send it with a delay.

    What do you think about? What would you do? Do you have suggestions?

    Greetings from Paraguay!