RabbitMQ error
  • Airtime giving me some trouble - appears to be a RabbitMQ issue - here's the repeating error from media-monitor.log

    2014-04-24 07:55:50,559 INFO - [MainThread] [launcher.py : setup_global()] : LINE 110 - Attempting to set the locale...
    2014-04-24 07:55:50,582 INFO - [Thread-1] [watchersyncer.py : __init__()] : LINE 19 - Created timeout thread...
    2014-04-24 07:55:50,583 INFO - [Thread-1] [airtime.py : init_rabbit_mq()] : LINE 36 - Initializing RabbitMQ message consumer...
    2014-04-24 07:55:50,597 INFO - [Thread-1] [airtime.py : init_rabbit_mq()] : LINE 48 - Initialized RabbitMQ consumer.
    2014-04-24 07:55:50,598 DEBUG - [Thread-1] [api_client.py : __call__()] : LINE 134 - http://ds106rad.io:80/api/media-monitor-setup/format/json/api_key/xxx
    2014-04-24 07:55:50,759 INFO - [Thread-1] [syncdb.py : reload_directories()] : LINE 49 - HTTP Error 404: Not Found

    See my monit status here:

    Any ideas?
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  • Seems you have a  virtual host issue

    • Check virtual host configuration error
    • Search this forum for RabbitMq,I think you will see some cases similar

    Good Luck


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