Superdesk/Live Blob Roadmap
  • Is there a roadmap somewhere for Superdesk/Live Blog? 
    I understand that they are separate projects Live Blog being a plugin or rather a suite of plugins for Superdesk. Yet they are developed in the same git repository. Are there plans to separate the development of the two?

    Also, I'm having a hard time finding the proper documentation for Live Blog. The Pages at seem quite 

    Live Blog seems like a very useful tool, but the rather vast ecosystem of Superdesk/Live Blog/CitizenDesk/Ally-Py is quite something to wrap your head around.

    Thank you for your efforts.
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  • Also:  How do and fit in the big picture?
  • The user guide documentation can be accessed by help link from application.
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    Currently we are working on releasing the version 2.0 and then we will update the product roadmap.

    Currently we are in reorganizing process of git repositories and LiveBlog is located now on Superdesk/Live-Blog repository. In time the common plugins for Superdesk applications like Live-Blog, Content Archive and Article Editing will be moved on Superdesk/ally-py-common repository and also every application will have his own repository like Live-Blog has now.