Unknown error in publishing books
  • Hi everybody,
    I hosted Bootype application on my own server together with a local installation of objavi.
    All seems working good beacuse each app is mapped on different urls and I see them.
    But I still have troubles to in publishing books, both with using the public url provided by default in the settings.py file and using my local installation.
    is there something I'm missing?
    Is there some tip to make the publishing process working?
    Read all of public response on this forum but nothing worked the trouble out.

    thanks in advance

    Francesco Bruni
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  • Hi Francesco,

    when it comes to local installation one of the things you can do is install Django app like flower to monitor RabbitMQ tasks which are doing the publishing.Tasks return some kind of error if there is some problems. There is not that much errors in the output files except Apache error log at the moment. We have rewritten Objavi from scratch in new version (2.0) which is still in development and now we have proper output files which can easily help you figure out the problems. But, that is still not out.

    When it comes to configuration. When using public objavi url which comes with Booktype you should know that your Booktype instance must be accessible from the Objavi server. It can not be over VPN or somewhere in local network. For that on Booktype side you must configure THIS_BOOKI_SERVER configuration to be your public hostname. Something like THIS_BOOKI_SERVER='myserver.server.com'.