Looking to hire a developer
  • Our Company is looking to hire a developer that knows Airtime, Python, Liquid soap, ice cast etc. To work under our senior developer on features. Please contact us at info@a2zen.fm (sister company)
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  • I sent you guys an email as requested to Holly - info@a2zen.fm - no reply.
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    ask directly to Sourcefabric !
  • Yeah, I tried that. No luck. Is anyone responding?

  • Hello John C I tried to send you a message private, but its not working- for some reason I was not getting emails. I am looking for someone who can launch and monitor over 70 airtimes, on a ganged server or singles. I need a price quote for each and your monthly fee. info@A2Zen.fm
  • I am still laughing....... Odd chat :/
    Read my email and do it.
    Not surprised you can't find a dev to do it, after months. A saving of 140$ / airtime hardware instance on 70 instances is not to be sneezed at = $11k saved. The reply of 'but I need it at under 250$/instance' shows you don't listen. Last time I looked $90 is lower than 250$. And fast cloning instances at 12 mins/instance with no virtualization is a no mean feat.
    I hope to issue a '10 airtime servers in your pocket' server soon. NOT Rasberry PI based - much more power.
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  • I am now told that 'Yes I'm sure he pays only that (90$ total hardware cost) but he charges me more, because he monitors it and sets it up

    Good luck with beating that guys.
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  • I need browser based.