Scheduling "adrift"
  • I have noticed another strange issue with repeat shows with "no end" - it is related perhaps to others but not 100% identical after a while (not sure when) the "on air" light goes out, but there is still a stream being played of one show (which slightly overruning its time and would normally be faded)

    One reason I put the effort into getting Airtime working is its normally way better than Centovacast for keeping things on schedule without having to edit loads of the source content to the exact second.

    As a former broadcast engineer (though a few years ago), a playout system that is sending content but showing an alarm that the "playout to transmission chain" is not working is actually more confusing than one which has clearly gone kapot and sends nothing (at least a silence alarm can pick that one up!)

    As I still have not "officially" launched this station (though even then it does attract a handful of listeners) I had to force reboot the server and its now back on time with the scheduled shows, as the format is similar to how an EDM based pirate station should operate, and listeners to these tolerate a few seconds dead air or scheduled shows being adrift from their main time as they know equipment can go wrong (or is hauled off by the Communications Ministry officers!)

    I deliberately did not want to alter the database as there might be clues there.

    A lot of replies here say to look in /var/log/airtime.

    But exactly where? There is more than one file in there. Also with some similar apps, a logfile might contain security related info that is best not put on a public site. So which files should we be showing on here?

    Alex The Engineer @ rtn VFRmedia - Ipswich, UK
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  • This happened again in the last few days (once again the stream was still running with audio, but an older show). Again the "on air" light disappears.

    I had to do other maintenance on this server and it is a test / experimental one I could reboot it and everything is back up again within a few seconds; but as I have preserved the logs/database I am willing to share them provided someone can explain which ones. Even if its a known bug provided the time before it goes pear shaped is also known I can find some way round it.

    Alex The Engineer @ rtn VFRmedia - Ipswich, UK