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Free Audio Sample?
  • I am looking for some Royalty free 30 secs/60secs Audio samples to test as follows.

    Near the TOH, I want to be able to have a song fade in,so that if say there is an host already on they will hear it and start to wrap up.

    In that breath any suggestions on Royalty Free Music overall

    Anyone reading this a find it funny about my grammar , I make no apology ,Go get a translator.
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  • http://freemusicarchive.org/

    Thousands on here. Most are free 'Creative Commons With Attribution' - some completely public domain.
    I usually feature them on my front page with something like: 'Music this month features the band XXXXX - Checkout their great CDs & Downloads at   XXXXX .com'. That seems to cover it. I send them a link to my page where it is features - they have always been delighted and I sometimes get links back to the station from this.

    Warning - check the licences on the original website (link on page) - sometimes they don't match what is put on that archive site.

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