Soundcloud settings per-user?
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    Hi there,
    I am thinking about how useful it could be, to have soundcloud-settings per user.
    Would this also be useful for other forum-members? What do you think?

    Honestly I'm thinking about it, because we are trying to replace the soundcloud-upload-function with an upload-function to our system (
    But in our system every DJ has his own account and does his own management/publishing of his/her uploads.
    Using only one account (like it's done now in airtime) would lead in giving all people access to one account. which is not useful.

    If Airtime would offer soundcloud-per-user-settings,
    the files could be uploaded automatically with the account-details of the DJ the show is assigned to.
    If a show is assigned to more than one DJ, we would need a priority of assigned DJs.
    And if a show is not assigned to a DJ, shows would be uploaded automatically with admin-account-details.
    Doing an upload from library would upload again with user-account-details.

    Would this be useful for other airtime-users?
    Or is this hackable? ;-)


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    That's sure
    and the same for Mixcloud too