URGENT - Anchor Tags Not Working
  • Hi,

    I am working on a book and whenever I go to publish the e-book version of the book the anchor tags don't work. Thus, I can't navigate to specific parts of the book AND the footnotes don't work as well.

    Is there a reason for this? It works on the web version of the book: http://apusepress.booktype.pro/early-readings-in-the-philosophy-of-science/plato/

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  • Hi Brittany!

    I checked it out and there is no easy fix for it at the moment. It is bigger problem we had for some time with EPUB and we fixed it with new publishing platform. That platform is not accessible from your site yet. Very quick fix would be to manually fix this in finished EPUB. A bit slover will be me trying to see over the weekend how I could pass your book trough our new platform.

  • Thank you for your response. How do we get access to the new publishing platform? We really like Booktype and want to use it for all our books, but honestly we're encountering a lot of problems.
  • Could I PLEASE get an answer on this issue. I am getting more and more frustrated with the functionality problems I'm having within Booktype and my supervisor is on the verge of having me terminate our account because we're having so many problems that are impending our progress.