Incorrect path to yml file
  • Look at this error message:

    [19-Feb-2014 14:27:58 Europe/Stockholm] Newscoop error: file_get_contents(/www/webvol20/lx/qocik3a4fn8yqn5/ failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /www/webvol20/lx/qocik3a4fn8yqn5/

    It looks for a folder called newscoop, but on my system the folder name is public_html so it can't find the file!

    In the file PropertyMatcher.php, this line:
            $entityDescription = $yaml->parse(file_get_contents(__DIR__.'/../../../../newscoop/src/Newscoop/GimmeBundle/Resources/config/serializer/newscoop/'.$class.'.yml'));

    should be changed to this:
            $entityDescription = $yaml->parse(file_get_contents(__DIR__.'/../../../src/Newscoop/GimmeBundle/Resources/config/serializer/newscoop/'.$class.'.yml'));

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  • These files have this type of error:


    Maybe even more files have this mistake?
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    thia will be fixed in 4.3.

    For now you can update library/Newscoop/Gimme/PropertyMatcher.php with
  • I created a pull request for the other files.