Translators and reviewers needed for the next release - any Dutch speakers?
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    Hi all,

    As we prepare the next release, we would like to bring localizations up to 100% complete and reviewed for as many languages as possible.
    Here's the current completion status for the 2.5.x branch - all help is appreciated...

    Greek 100%
    Chinese 99%
    Czech 99%
    French 99%
    German (Austria) 99%
    German (Germany) 99%
    Hungarian 99%
    Polish 92%
    Portuguese 92%
    Spanish 92%
    Korean 90%
    Russian 90%
    Italian 84%
    Dutch (new) 4%

    We especially need Dutch helpers, as this localization has only just been started. Contributors for Italian, Portuguese and Korean would also be very welcome, as we do not currently have those languages spoken in the team.

    We have new localizations Serbian Cyrillic, Serbian Latin and
    Croatian from Zsolt Magyar in


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    Hi @Daniel !
    I'm searching the one %, but with no success ;-)
  • I am Dutch speaking.
    Schelstraete Bart -
  • Hi Daniel,

    I'm an Italian mothertongue translator. I've already translated two books, working on the third, and I just started to collaborate with online magazines.
    I'd be glad to collaborate with you! If interested send me an e-mail or a PVT message!

  • I can help with the translation to dutch. I'm a journalist and educated it-specialist and avid airtime user. So those should help
  • If you are still looking for Dutch helpers , I am Dutch. Also German and France speaking. and i have a lot of free time on my hands. Happy to help.