Check out the new Newscoop theme switcher!
  • Today we launched a snazzy new tool that allows you to quickly scroll through the Newscoop themes and see them functioning right there in your browser.

    We'd love to hear your feedback on whether this helps you decide which theme to use or any other way we could make it more helpful.

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  • The switcher messes up responsive layout when I try it with my smartphone (Android, Chrome).
  • Hi Jonas,

    when you chose a theme (not the current start page of the Themes Switcher Page), you will see that all showcased Newscoop themes are fully responsive. 

    Kind regards,

  • The problem isn't the themes - it is the top frame with the theme switcher. It messes up the responsive layout of the themes and makes switching near impossible.
    It is very obvious - try it out with an assortment of mobile devices (some might handle it better than others, all my attempts with android devices and an assortment of browsers have been problematic).