Need Help with Error Message: 'element "head" incomplete ...'
  • Hey there. I'm looking for help with an error message I'm getting in trying to upload an epub. Here's the message I'm getting:

    ERROR ITMS-9000: "HIZZONNAROO.epub: ch000_hizzonnaroo.xhtml(6): element "head" incomplete; missing required element "title". This error occurs 38 times." at Book (MZItmspBookPackage)
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  • Hi Chris!

    This is the message you are getting while trying to upload to iTunes? Title is missing in all the documents. There are two ways how you can fix it. First one is to use tool like Sigil (EPUB editor) and manually add it and maybe fix some other things you need in the epub (metadata, cover image...). Second would be to tell me which book you are trying to publish and I will pass it through our new EPUB engine (which has fixed this issue) which is not yet published to the public.