Disable track downloading
  • Hi, 

    What would be the best way to disable the ability to download tracks from the library? 

    I don't think my DJs should need to download tracks from airtime, as I want them using airtime to play station content. If they have their own music, they can play that via their show source, etc. 

    I don't want my airtime installation to turn into an avenue for file sharing :)

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  • You could try this to remove the 'Download' option from the context menu:
    Make a backup copy first.

    In file:

    Around line 222 find:
    $menu["download"] = array("name" => _("Download"), "icon" => "download", "url" => $url);

    Replace line with:
    /* $menu["download"] = array("name" => _("Download"), "icon" => "download", "url" => $url) */;

    See if that works for you (untested).
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  • Works! :)
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