how to publich with booktype 2.0?
  • I just installed Booktype 2.0
    Editing is fine but the publish button does not respond.

    When I try to use settings/ allowed pubish options it does not save but shows this error message

    Forbidden (403)

    CSRF verification failed. Request aborted.


    Reason given for failure:

        CSRF token missing or incorrect.

    In general, this can occur when there is a genuine Cross Site Request Forgery, or when
    CSRF mechanism
    has not been used correctly. For POST forms, you need to

    • Your browser is accepting cookies.
    • The view function uses RequestContext
      for the template, instead of Context.
    • In the template, there is a {% csrf_token
      template tag inside each POST form that
      targets an internal URL.
    • If you are not using CsrfViewMiddleware, then you must use
      csrf_protect on any views that use the csrf_token
      template tag, as well as those that accept the POST data.

    You're seeing the help section of this page because you have DEBUG =
    in your Django settings file. Change that to False,
    and only the initial error message will be displayed.

    You can customize this page using the CSRF_FAILURE_VIEW setting.

    Is there anything I could do to get the version running or use older booktype instead?

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  • Hi Jutta!

    What you could do at the moment is disable CSRF support. Go to your settings file : <project dir>/settings/ file and comment this:


    You will not get errors and the real fix for this will come later. Version of Booktype 2.0 which is in repository is missing some of the publishing functionality. We have it, but it is in a separate project for a custom use case and we will start migrating it for Booktype in the following weeks. 

    Jutta Schwengsbier
  • Thank you. The error message has disappeared but publishing is still not possible for any kind of output.

    I want to make an ebub. Is there any work around so far or this feature is not included at all the moment?


  • Hi Jutta!

    It is not included at the moment and you would need to use older version (older version supports EPUB 2).

    But you could get EPUB manually. This EPUB file is pure dump of the content and is missing cover page, some extra filtering and etc. It is EPUB3 and you could use Sigil or something similar to fix the missing things.

    If your book is at then fetch this EPUB from url (and save it as EPUB file).