Newscoop support!
  • So installed newscoop  - Now this error is coming up on my front screen! Can anyone help me please? 

    Error: Unable to select a template! Please make sure the following conditions are met:there is at least one issue published and it had assigned valid templates for the front, section and article pages;a template was assigned for the URL error handling in the publication configuration screen.
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  • Hey Terry,
    this error means that either publication is not created, or at least one issue inside it created and published. Also, one more condition has to be met: theme has to be assigned to the issue, so Newscoop knows which templates to use to show the content from the issue.
    If all this is fulfilled but still you get the same error, try assigning some other theme to the issue. 
    Ljuba Rankovic
    Senior Front End Developer, Sourcefabric