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  • Hello and congratulations for your great software. One of the little dissadvantages I noticed working with airtime is that the search is very slow. I have a fairly large DB (144000 songs). I tried to do some tuning on the postgres. which helped a bit, but what realy helped is adding indexes on cc_files artist_name and track_title and an index with both columns. Maybe you should consider adding something like that on the db creation.
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    Hi George, thanks for the tip! I will forward this to the developer team, as work on database refactoring is currently taking place.


  • Another thing I think would help on the search is to add some trigger key or timeout  on the advanced search in library. what happens now is that a query runs on postgres with every key pressed. Which is not optimal. I found out that changing this line: inFilteringDelay :500 in dataTables.columnFilter.js  alters the timeout on the simple search. But for the advanced search I couldn't find something similar.. I played a bit with oTable.fnSetFilteringDelay on library.js . But it didn't seem to matter at all.