Django OAuth
  • Has anybody considered integration of Django Oauth with Booktype? I think it would be easier for potential writers to sign up.

    Would it be hard to integrate Django apps like that? And would it turn out to be a huge disaster when the next version of Booktype is published?

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  • Hi Tomi!

    It should not be any kind of disaster. General idea is to provide basic package which you should be able to extend according to your own needs - intergate with oath, integrate with LDAP and etc. Using standard Django apps for this should be the way to go. Would there be some kind of issues? You can always expect some kind of issues but nothing so strange we couldn't easily fix :)

  • This one works quite nicely:

    The problem is just that some services don't provide an email, so if you allow registration with those the user cannot reset his password and cannot login with anything else.