Search indexer problem
  • Newly added articles are indexed, but older articles that haven't been indexed don't get added to the search index. Out of the 9956 articles in the database, only 1025 are indexed now. 

    The old database had the wrong collation, so searches didn't work properly for words with non-english characters. This is changed in the new database. I deleted everything from ArticleIndex and KeywordIndex and set IsIndexed to N on all articles. This caused newscoop to start indexing the articles again, starting with the latest ones. I thought it did all articles, but apparently it only indexed 951 articles and any articles that were added after that. 

    Why does the indexing not complete and what can I do to fix it? 
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  • Ok, it is still going. There are another 21 articles indexed now and only three of them are new. But why is it so slow? It has taken three weeks to index 1046 articles and there are 8913 more articles to process. Can I speed this up? We get a lot of complaints about the search function not working. 
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